10 Must-Know Tips about Google Apps For Business

One thing that highly improves employee productivity in all companies is having a professional collaborative cloud-based suite.

If you want to subscribe to pricey Google Apps for work with vault, or Google Apps for work, here are 10 tips you most know, and they apply to both large and small businesses that use cloud-based tools.

Plan group meetings

  • Every employee in a company has a well-stipulated rota to follow.
  • You cannot plan a group meeting without inconveniencing employees’ to-do-lists; thus you can cause delay in work completion.
  • For you to avoid doing this, Google apps calendar contains a ‘Find a Time’ feature that does a comparison for every user, and comes up with meeting time which is convenient for all.

Undo all sent E-mails

  • Google Apps contain a feature that enables users to undo all emails they have sent.
  • You can activate the ‘undo send’ button in the settings page so that an email can delay before it is sent to its destination.

Hassle-free navigation

  • Using Google apps, documents are shared among specified users; thus files pile up quickly in the Google Apps Drive.
  • With search and smart navigation, Google plays a big part in organizing content since users are able to create table of contents and link the original content to it.

Easy editing of documents

  • Everyone added in the Google Apps for Work (G Site Plan) can edit shared documents.
  • This is ideal in particular situations such as employee-to-boss and writer-to-editor type of environment.
  • The ‘suggesting’ feature found on Google Docs will solve this problem bearing in mind the original document stays unchanged, with only highlighted notes or suggestions.

Google form

  • An important aspect about a Google form is that it can be included in a company’s website and linked to Analytics.
  • When your company does a survey, all you need to is click the ‘summary’ feature and you receive everything including charts. After being saved on Google Sheet, the information is then updated on Google Analytics.

Getting Royalty Free Images

  • Whenever you need royalty free slide shows or images to upload to your content, Google will already have fulfilled your desires.
  • You can select from life database or royalty-free to use on your documents without having to worry about licensing and copyright issues.
    Simple searching through files.
  • Google Apps for Work (G Suite plan) is doubtlessly the best for searching and organizing files.
  • Google enables users to search files, quotes, images, files, tables, and other things located in the drive, just as it does on its search engine.

Offline Email

  • You can set up offline email access using Google Apps if you do not have internet connection. By doing this, you will have access to emails from Gmail and every file you have saved on drive.

Muting Emails

  • Office banter, which have been in place for years now has made it easy for officemates to have a group email which updates regularly every day.
  • If you want to concentrate on your work, you can mute the thread on the Google Apps Email.

Scheduling a Business Travel

  • Just like planning group meetings, organizing a business trip can be equally problematic, especially when it has to be done by more than one person.
  • Google Calender can help you achieve this easily without convenience anyone.

The G Suite version of Google Apps for Work comes in full package and its goal is to enhance collaboration among employees and highly increase work efficiency.

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