Egenz.com established in the year 2008. We always believe in providing the Best Internet Solutions to our clients.

Web Development

With years of experience, we have launched different websites and web applications which includes Group Purchasing Website, Auction Website, Ecommerce, Online SMS Blast Application and etc. We help our clients setup their Online Digital Business with Professional Solutions. We always follow what the market trends are.

Internet Marketing

Beside Web Development, we are also providing Internet Marketing to our clients to help them generate more leads to their website. There are many Marketing Services that we provide to our clients which includes SEO(Search Engine Optmization), Articles Submissions, Social Media Marketing and etc. If you are wondering why business are not growing, this is the time where you need to run a series of Marketing Campaign to boost up the awareness in the market.

SMS Marketing

It is always difficult to get new clients, why we would like to lose them? In order for you to maintain a better relationship with your existing clients, a short SMS with current Promotions will get your clients aware of what you are selling at this moment. We never recommend our clients to use the SMS Services to spam their clients. Be cautious when you are doing your SMS Blast Campaign.

Online Advertising

Yes, we are helping our clients to maintain their Advertisement. If you are wondering how to start your Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising, you have reach the right place. We are here to provide and assist your how to generate more leads with Analysis and Report.

We also provide services such as Malaysia Website Design, Web Development Kuala Lumpur, Groupon Website, Auction Website, Ecommerce, SMS Blast Malaysia, Internet Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising Malaysia and etc. For more information, please visit our websitewww.Egenz.com or call us now +603-62099903.

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