How A Heading Tag Can Improve Your Website SEO?

Heading tag is Heading Tag is < h1 >, < h2 >, < h3 >, < h4 >, < h5 >, < h6 >.
Header tags are important aspects in SEO since they communicate you content with the search engine when you include the tag.

Header tags are not about text formatting e.g. font size, bold, colour. It is all about the manner in which you structure your content in a way that the search engine and the reader are able to pick the words that are of importance to them.

The Purpose
The main purpose of a heading tag is to develop a content structure that is user-friendly to your readers using a different heading tag.
Heading tags communicate to the search engine words that are more significant than others.

The Hierarchy
You must arrange your content in a standard hierarchical structure where the heading tag H1 contains the most important information while H6 contains the least important information.

Your content should have heading tags from H1 to H6, if you skip one for example H3 and proceed to H4, the structure will be deemed to have been broken and will not be considered SEO friendly.

How does it work?

In a single article, we will only have a single h1 tag, which is mainly the title of the article.

H2 tag is a subheading under the title while H3 is a subheading under H2. The thread continues.

Here is an example:

Heading tags with no focused keywords

Always include your focus keyword under the H1 tag, but avoid stuffing your heading tags with keywords.
By including the focus keyword on the H1 tag, you will be informing the search engine what the keyword is, and this is important in SEO ranking.

Use only a single H1 tag on every web page.

Never use more than one H1 tag in a single webpage.
By doing so, the search engine might be made to believe you are including too many keywords for SEO purposes.

10 Must-Know Tips about Google Apps For Business

One thing that highly improves employee productivity in all companies is having a professional collaborative cloud-based suite.

If you want to subscribe to pricey Google Apps for work with vault, or Google Apps for work, here are 10 tips you most know, and they apply to both large and small businesses that use cloud-based tools.

Plan group meetings

  • Every employee in a company has a well-stipulated rota to follow.
  • You cannot plan a group meeting without inconveniencing employees’ to-do-lists; thus you can cause delay in work completion.
  • For you to avoid doing this, Google apps calendar contains a ‘Find a Time’ feature that does a comparison for every user, and comes up with meeting time which is convenient for all.

Undo all sent E-mails

  • Google Apps contain a feature that enables users to undo all emails they have sent.
  • You can activate the ‘undo send’ button in the settings page so that an email can delay before it is sent to its destination.

Hassle-free navigation

  • Using Google apps, documents are shared among specified users; thus files pile up quickly in the Google Apps Drive.
  • With search and smart navigation, Google plays a big part in organizing content since users are able to create table of contents and link the original content to it.

Easy editing of documents

  • Everyone added in the Google Apps for Work (G Site Plan) can edit shared documents.
  • This is ideal in particular situations such as employee-to-boss and writer-to-editor type of environment.
  • The ‘suggesting’ feature found on Google Docs will solve this problem bearing in mind the original document stays unchanged, with only highlighted notes or suggestions.

Google form

  • An important aspect about a Google form is that it can be included in a company’s website and linked to Analytics.
  • When your company does a survey, all you need to is click the ‘summary’ feature and you receive everything including charts. After being saved on Google Sheet, the information is then updated on Google Analytics.

Getting Royalty Free Images

  • Whenever you need royalty free slide shows or images to upload to your content, Google will already have fulfilled your desires.
  • You can select from life database or royalty-free to use on your documents without having to worry about licensing and copyright issues.
    Simple searching through files.
  • Google Apps for Work (G Suite plan) is doubtlessly the best for searching and organizing files.
  • Google enables users to search files, quotes, images, files, tables, and other things located in the drive, just as it does on its search engine.

Offline Email

  • You can set up offline email access using Google Apps if you do not have internet connection. By doing this, you will have access to emails from Gmail and every file you have saved on drive.

Muting Emails

  • Office banter, which have been in place for years now has made it easy for officemates to have a group email which updates regularly every day.
  • If you want to concentrate on your work, you can mute the thread on the Google Apps Email.

Scheduling a Business Travel

  • Just like planning group meetings, organizing a business trip can be equally problematic, especially when it has to be done by more than one person.
  • Google Calender can help you achieve this easily without convenience anyone.

The G Suite version of Google Apps for Work comes in full package and its goal is to enhance collaboration among employees and highly increase work efficiency.

how to Increase Traffic on your Ecommerce Website?

Now that you have launched your E-commerce store, what next?
It is time to get clients come and buy the goods and services you are selling.
Are you still wondering what to do to get started?
This is the ultimate guide for you.

I. Making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you make your website get listed among the top 10 when a client searches products using Google.

1. Searching keyword
A customer looking for high heel women shoes, for example, will type this in Google. This is what is known as a keyword (what the customer is looking for)

2. Exposing the brand
Customers trust websites or brands that are listed among the top 10 in the Google search engine. In fact, very few or none will ever proceed to the second page.

3. Getting potential clients
If your E-commerce website is listed among the top 10 in the Google search engine, you will undoubtedly get lots of potential clients.
This is mainly because when a client searches a particular product and gets to your website first, there are high chances he will buy it from you.

II. Advertising using Google AdWords
SEO takes time to get a website listed among the top ten. In most cases, you have to wait for a few months.
Instead of waiting for months before this happens, you can invest a few bucks and advertise using Google AdWords. This will help you generate a substantial amount of traffic to your E-commerce website.

  • When a client is searching for a specific product using google, there are high chances that your website will appear top if you are using Google AdWords.
  • When using Google AdWords, you can make a decision on the monthly or daily budget that you can use, based on your current financial status.
  • You will only pay if someone clicks on your Ad.

III. Using Social Media
If you update your social media account regularly, this may upsurge your online exposure.
Additionally, consistently updating your social media account helps you create a quality back link.

  • Using social media, you can get clients who like the products and services you sell.
  • Updating your social media platform regularly helps in increasing your SEO ranking of multiple social.
  • If you are making use of multiple social media sites, you are attracting new customers using different modes.

IV. Developing quality content
1. The Content King
Before making any orders online, customers tend to do thorough research to understand the products they want to purchase.
Primarily, they read articles that are related to the product they are interested in.

  • Create a blog and start writing quality articles about the products and services you are offering.
  • If you are selling an oven, for example, writing multiple recipes you can prepare using an oven can convince prospective clients to purchase it.
  • Share the link to your blog on social media sites for maximum exposure.

2. Using Info graphics
Images will attract more users than meager plain texts.
Think of a topic that you are sure will attract clients’ attention and create a simple but eye-catching info graphic.

  • Most people hate reading long paragraphs online, but they tend to develop an interest in info graphics.
  • Creating beautiful info graphics will attract visitors to your site.
  • Share info graphics on your social media platforms.
  • If clients find the info graphics you create useful, they will share them through their social media sites.

3. Using video
You can create an explanation video or tutorial to help your clients understand everything about the product you are offering in your online store.

  • Think of s topic you feel your customers are interested in.Create a video with informative content.
  • Upload the video on YouTube and share it on social media sites to increase your SEO ranking.
  • If your video is of good quality, your clients will doubtlessly share it on their social media.

how to Optimize An Image to speed up a WordPress Website

tips on Optimizing Images for WordPress website
tips on Optimizing Images for WordPress website

Optimizing an image in your website is a very important practice.
Images play a crucial role in your website, one of the most important being they can attract users to the website.
If you have quality content complimented by quality images, tons of users will be attracted to your website.
If your images have proper title and alt tags, they will be found on the Google image search.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ PROBLEMS ⚠️⚠️⚠️
In many instances, web masters and bloggers add images in large sizes and they do not bother to resize.
This can cause the following problems:

  • The loading speed of a website is affected. It will take long for a user to get into a single page.
  • Slow website loading will adversely affect your SEO ranking.
  • When SEO ranking drops, traffic to your website will decrease, and this will ultimately affect your sales!How to Solve These Problems
    There are some things you can do to fix these issues. They include:1. Resize images to smaller sizes
    Always resize your images and make sure they are smaller in size. Other than uploading a 12 megapixel image whose dimension size is 4000px, resize the dimension size to 1000px.

    2. After step 1, optimize your images.
    In most cases, an image file will contain lots of repetitive data. Remove this data, but be careful not to affect the visual.

    Part 1: Optimize the Image Prior To Uploading To Your Website
    There are lots of photo editing software that can help you in image editing.
    In case you are using Photoshop, you can use the ‘Save for Web’ function.

    Part 2: Optimize the Image after Uploading It to the Website
    WordPress provides you with many plugins that you can use to optimize images if you are using it for your website.

    We have used many plugins, and IMAGIFY has worked best for us.

Other Image optimization Plugin available
Below are some plugins available in the market. You can test them for your website:


How to Write ✍️ a Successful Website Content

Website content is the explanation you give to your customers about what you are offering when they browse your website.
By incorporating useful information in your website content, you will be making prospective clients understand what you are selling and persuade them to make a purchase.

Great website content can easily convert a visitor into a loyal customer. Here are some tips and guidelines on effective website content writing.

Have the target audience in mind
Do you know your target audience?

Different types of audiences will ask different questions depending on their needs and preferences.

Just imagine you are a client. Think about the questions you would have asked and answer them in your content.

Make your content concise and simple
Remember, most of your website viewers will be browsing through it using mobile devices.

It can be extremely difficult to read through ling paragraphs using these devices.

Make your content short and simple, so that your target audience can find it easy to read using their mobile devices.

Using point form
Since a human’s focus is short, it might be difficult for a ready to complete reading long paragraphs.

Writing your web content in point form is way better that using long, boring paragraphs.

Use images
Human beings are visually attracted.

Including quality images will drive traffic to your site as compared to plain texts.

Make use of keywords
Always remember to use the focus keywords your clients will search using search engines.

When it comes to SEO ranking, using keywords is very important.

Tips of creating a successful website

Your website represents your company and business.

In most instances, people who visit your website do not know you on personal basis, but by doing so, they tend to believe you can see them.

If you are running an outdated website, chances are that visitors will assume that your company is not doing well and business is at stake.

Having a quality website does not just mean that it’s beautiful and catchy. It also means it is user-friendly and can offer they user with wonderful experience.

If people visit your website and they fail to find what they want, they will leave your page and proceed to other more informative websites.

Unfortunately, you will have lost many customers whenever they decide to leave.

Here is what you need…

1. A good domain name

  • Include a general keyword in your domain. This will improve your SEO ranking
  • If you are selling furniture for example, and your company is ABC furniture, use a domain name like
  • Never use multiple keywords just to boast your SEO ranking. For example, do not use for your Furniture Company.

2. Web hosting

  • There are many web hosting companies in the modern market.
  • Never compromise the quality of your web hosting because of a cheap service.
  • Cheaper hosting companies use outdated servers.
  • Using cheap web hosting services might jeopardize your business.
  • This might also cause loss of important email, consistent email delay, and a slow loading website.
  • It might also adversely affect your SEO ranking.

3. Have a great website design

  • How responsive is your website?
  • Having a responsive design means a design that can fit in many different devices.
  • There is increasing mobile usage in the world.
  • 70% of internet users browse using their mobile phones.
  • Ensure your website design is responsive. Websites that are mobile-friendly tend to be ranked higher by Google.

4. Have the right keywords/content

  • Google bot scans your website and determines what it’s about.
  • Including the right keywords will help your website rank higher in Google
  • Use social media links in your website
  • Attach social media links in your website, as it will help you build a strong online presence.
  • Updating your social media sites regularly helps in improving your SEO ranking.

5. Improve your SEO

  • When developing your website, make certain it is SEO friendly
  • Making your website SEO-friendly helps Google understand what your website is all about.
  • Test compatibility of your website
  • Make sure you test your website’s compatibility with multiple browsers.
  • Since you are the user, make it your job to always test your website.

Tips of making your Online E-commerce Store a Success

In many instances, we get this question from our clients; I run an online store, but I have zero sales, what could be the problem?

Have you just started your e-commerce store, and you are searching for ways to make it a success?

Or maybe, you have an existing e-commerce store, but you are not sure of the methods you can use to make it better and make profits selling products online?

If yes, we have a list of guides and tips that will help you know how to get started.

Describe your product

Whenever customers want to purchase something online, they want to be saved the trouble of having to research a lot about the product. All they want is instant information about what they want.

  • Have you provided a detailed product description for every product you are selling? Having a detailed description will help prospective clients understand what you are selling.
  • In case you are selling services, make sure you include comprehensive package details and the pricing of every service.
  • Always include the benefits of the product or service you are selling.
  • Doing this will persuade customers to click the ‘buy’ button on your e-commerce platform.

Make use of quality images

Customers are not able to interact with your products if you are selling them online. They rely much on the visuals you offer on your platform.

In most cases, they will judge your products based on the quality of your products’ images.

  • By using quality images, you will create a perception in them that you only deal with quality products.
  • When you upload an image with poor quality, your prospective clients will feel as though you are dealing with low-quality products.

Add more images of the product

By adding more product images, you will be persuading clients about the worthiness of purchasing goods from your online store.

  • Adding different images taken from different angles will make your customer develop an understanding of how the product you are offering looks like in real life.
  • If you are selling a product that performs multiple tasks, you can add images of what the product can do. For example, if you are selling an oven, add images of what this product can do such as roasting chicken, baking cakes, grilling fish, etc.
  • If you have one product but in different colors, make sure you add images of all the colors so that you can give clients multiple choices.

Include product reviews

Customers always check what others have said about the product before they purchase it. Make sure you include previous reviews of the product you are selling so that new customers can feel you are selling something that other customers loved.

  • Having a high product rating will boost your sales
  • If you are offering an excellent service, your product will always be rated 5 stars
  • Customers usually review products based on quality, buying experience, and delivery
  • Customers review services based on quality of delivery
  • After shipping your products, do not hesitate to ask your clients for an excellent rating

Have an easy payment process

Is your payment process complicated?

Always have in mind that you are dealing with general users who do not possess technical knowledge like yourself.

  • Customers will prefer an online platform where they make payment after a few clicks
  • If your current payment structure is over six pages, it is time you restructured it.
  • Test the buying and payment process yourself so that you can understand what your customers will face.

Enhance your website’s speed

Remember, your prospective client will only spend 3 seconds on your site.

In case your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the client will leave and look for another site.

  • A slow loading website may adversely affect your SEO ranking on search engines.
  • Get an excellent hosting server
  • Do not compromise price for quality. A cheap hosting package will use an outdated serve; thus slowing your website loading.
  • Optimize your images if you are uploading many of them.
  • Make use of caching. This will make it easy for files, images, and site pages are stored on a user’s computer.

Ensure your website is SEO friendly

Having great SEO will help your website generate a lot of traffic

Do you have an SEO friendly website?

These are some of the rules you can follow:

  • Did you include the necessary keywords for the product title, category, and description?
  • Ensure the URL has the right keywords for the right product page.


It is common practice for clients to compare online markets based on the available price.if you are selling normal products, have you checked how much your competitors have placed on them?

Remember, customers will compare your price with others before they decide where to buy.

What is a Keyword?

Most clients ask, what is a keyword?

What do you mean by the term keyword?

Does a keyword affect my website ranking in any way?

Essentially, a keyword is a word or phrase that a user types in the Google search box.

How does a keyword work?

Is your website ranked among the top 10 in Google with the correct keyword?

Step 1

Whenever an internet user is looking for something, they will type the phrases or words they are looking for.

Step 2

In case they find the description and the title they are looking for, they will visit the website.

Different types of keywords

There are 4 main user behaviors when browsing online. They determine whether one is doing research or planning to purchase a product online.

1. Research

  • This means that the user is doing some research.
  • Often, the user types brief generic keywords
  • Ordinarily, the keywords consist of 1-2 words or phrases.

2. Consideration

  • This means that a user is considering purchasing a product or service.
  • Here, users compare various products.
  • Usually, keywords consist of 2-3 words or phrases.

3. Purchase

  • Here, users are looking for something to buy.
  • They type long-tail keywords
  • Typically, keywords contain 3 or more words.

4. Loyalty

  • Here, users are looking for products from specific brands.
  • The keywords might be short because the users know what they are looking for.

Advantages of long tail keywords

Focusing on users at the purchase stage, there is a higher conversion as compared to generic keywords. Below is an example of keywords that can be used when searching for web design services.


  • Mostly, 1-2 words or phrases are used
  • Website design
  • Web design
  • Website developer


Users here use 2 or 3 words e.g.:

Web design agency web design firm

Website design firm


Here, users make use of long tail keywords:


Here, keywords used can be short:

  • Egenz
  • Egenz Ecommerce
  • Egenz web design

Finding Long tail Keyword

Method 1: Google related search

  1. Type the keyword you are looking for, e.g. ‘Custom make cake’
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at ‘searches related to custom make cake’
  3. Here, you will normally get words that are related to the keyword you are using.

Method 2: Forum Discussion Board

Whenever you visit a Forum Discussion Board, take note of questions that people ask, and the words they use to phrase their questions. These words will help you find your keyword.

Method 3: what are the questions normally asked by your client?

When you meet with your clients, what type of questions do they ask? The phrases or words your previous clients used while asking questions might form keywords you need to have a look at.

Why my bounce rate is so high?


Bounce rate is an internet marketing term that is mostly seen in Google Analytic.

This is primarily a percentage that shows you how many clients visited your site and left without clicking on anything.

It is crucial to know why you are having a high bouncing rate.

Always ensure you do not have a poorly designed website because this is the major cause of high bouncing rates.

Your website is not mobile friendly

Can you website be viewed via mobile?

Remember, over 80% of internet users access it through mobile.

If visitors cannot view the information they need via mobile, they will certainly leave your site.

High number of pop up

When visitors keep on getting many pop ups, they get annoyed and leave a website.

If your website has many pop ups, it will chase visitors promptly.

Complex navigation menu

Can visitors easily navigate through your website using your navigation menu?

Always have in mind that visitors will spend no more than three seconds when they first visit you website, make navigation easy.

Having an outdated design

A visually attractive website design will always attract visitors.

If your website is having a poor website design, it will make visitors feel as though your business doesn’t have a person to maintain it and they will leave.

If your website is beautifully designed, visitors will feel you are offering the best product or services, and they might make a few clicks.

Many advertisements

It is common for website owners to put up ads so as to earn from them.

If you put up too many ads, visitors will see nothing of value and they will leave.

Additionally, many pop up ads will also scare them away

Browser compatibility

Can your website be viewed from multiple browsers for example chrome, Firefox, opera, or safari without displaying any errors?

Make sure your website can be viewed from all browsers.

You can test cross browser compatibility of your website using the following links:

Web loading speed

Always get an excellent server. It is very important.

A cheap hosting company might be using outdated serves which can affect the loading speed of your website.

Clients will leave your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.