Tips of creating a successful website

Your website represents your company and business.

In most instances, people who visit your website do not know you on personal basis, but by doing so, they tend to believe you can see them.

If you are running an outdated website, chances are that visitors will assume that your company is not doing well and business is at stake.

Having a quality website does not just mean that it’s beautiful and catchy. It also means it is user-friendly and can offer they user with wonderful experience.

If people visit your website and they fail to find what they want, they will leave your page and proceed to other more informative websites.

Unfortunately, you will have lost many customers whenever they decide to leave.

Here is what you need…

1. A good domain name

  • Include a general keyword in your domain. This will improve your SEO ranking
  • If you are selling furniture for example, and your company is ABC furniture, use a domain name like
  • Never use multiple keywords just to boast your SEO ranking. For example, do not use for your Furniture Company.

2. Web hosting

  • There are many web hosting companies in the modern market.
  • Never compromise the quality of your web hosting because of a cheap service.
  • Cheaper hosting companies use outdated servers.
  • Using cheap web hosting services might jeopardize your business.
  • This might also cause loss of important email, consistent email delay, and a slow loading website.
  • It might also adversely affect your SEO ranking.

3. Have a great website design

  • How responsive is your website?
  • Having a responsive design means a design that can fit in many different devices.
  • There is increasing mobile usage in the world.
  • 70% of internet users browse using their mobile phones.
  • Ensure your website design is responsive. Websites that are mobile-friendly tend to be ranked higher by Google.

4. Have the right keywords/content

  • Google bot scans your website and determines what it’s about.
  • Including the right keywords will help your website rank higher in Google
  • Use social media links in your website
  • Attach social media links in your website, as it will help you build a strong online presence.
  • Updating your social media sites regularly helps in improving your SEO ranking.

5. Improve your SEO

  • When developing your website, make certain it is SEO friendly
  • Making your website SEO-friendly helps Google understand what your website is all about.
  • Test compatibility of your website
  • Make sure you test your website’s compatibility with multiple browsers.
  • Since you are the user, make it your job to always test your website.

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