Tips of making your Online E-commerce Store a Success

In many instances, we get this question from our clients; I run an online store, but I have zero sales, what could be the problem?

Have you just started your e-commerce store, and you are searching for ways to make it a success?

Or maybe, you have an existing e-commerce store, but you are not sure of the methods you can use to make it better and make profits selling products online?

If yes, we have a list of guides and tips that will help you know how to get started.

Describe your product

Whenever customers want to purchase something online, they want to be saved the trouble of having to research a lot about the product. All they want is instant information about what they want.

  • Have you provided a detailed product description for every product you are selling? Having a detailed description will help prospective clients understand what you are selling.
  • In case you are selling services, make sure you include comprehensive package details and the pricing of every service.
  • Always include the benefits of the product or service you are selling.
  • Doing this will persuade customers to click the ‘buy’ button on your e-commerce platform.

Make use of quality images

Customers are not able to interact with your products if you are selling them online. They rely much on the visuals you offer on your platform.

In most cases, they will judge your products based on the quality of your products’ images.

  • By using quality images, you will create a perception in them that you only deal with quality products.
  • When you upload an image with poor quality, your prospective clients will feel as though you are dealing with low-quality products.

Add more images of the product

By adding more product images, you will be persuading clients about the worthiness of purchasing goods from your online store.

  • Adding different images taken from different angles will make your customer develop an understanding of how the product you are offering looks like in real life.
  • If you are selling a product that performs multiple tasks, you can add images of what the product can do. For example, if you are selling an oven, add images of what this product can do such as roasting chicken, baking cakes, grilling fish, etc.
  • If you have one product but in different colors, make sure you add images of all the colors so that you can give clients multiple choices.

Include product reviews

Customers always check what others have said about the product before they purchase it. Make sure you include previous reviews of the product you are selling so that new customers can feel you are selling something that other customers loved.

  • Having a high product rating will boost your sales
  • If you are offering an excellent service, your product will always be rated 5 stars
  • Customers usually review products based on quality, buying experience, and delivery
  • Customers review services based on quality of delivery
  • After shipping your products, do not hesitate to ask your clients for an excellent rating

Have an easy payment process

Is your payment process complicated?

Always have in mind that you are dealing with general users who do not possess technical knowledge like yourself.

  • Customers will prefer an online platform where they make payment after a few clicks
  • If your current payment structure is over six pages, it is time you restructured it.
  • Test the buying and payment process yourself so that you can understand what your customers will face.

Enhance your website’s speed

Remember, your prospective client will only spend 3 seconds on your site.

In case your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the client will leave and look for another site.

  • A slow loading website may adversely affect your SEO ranking on search engines.
  • Get an excellent hosting server
  • Do not compromise price for quality. A cheap hosting package will use an outdated serve; thus slowing your website loading.
  • Optimize your images if you are uploading many of them.
  • Make use of caching. This will make it easy for files, images, and site pages are stored on a user’s computer.

Ensure your website is SEO friendly

Having great SEO will help your website generate a lot of traffic

Do you have an SEO friendly website?

These are some of the rules you can follow:

  • Did you include the necessary keywords for the product title, category, and description?
  • Ensure the URL has the right keywords for the right product page.


It is common practice for clients to compare online markets based on the available price.if you are selling normal products, have you checked how much your competitors have placed on them?

Remember, customers will compare your price with others before they decide where to buy.

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