Does your Business Need Professional Website Design?

Professional Web Design Malaysia
Professional Web Design Malaysia

Business owner always ask why do i need a professional website design, can i DIY it by myself? Yes you can watch youtube and tutorial and DIY a website design by yourself without an issue. But, you may not able to done a professional website design like how agency does it.

If you are a beginner and just start doing it, you may lack of experience in understanding the how to create a successful website design. Before we start developing the any website design for our client, we study the business requirement, we will do the website design planning before we start developing it.

In order to make your business stand out compared to your competitor, you need to give a good impression to your customers when your customers are browsing your website. This can convince your customers your product quality is better than the rest.

Customers are more confident in buying it from you.

Hiring the right website design agency is very important., leading Professional Website Design Company, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Let us do all the hard work, you may concentrate on your business.

Corporate Branding

Branding image is important for all type of business. If you are serious about your business, you should make sure you maintain a corporate branding.

Corporate branding representing your company and your business. If you have done it poorly, your customers may believe that you are offering low-quality products and low-quality services.

Customers are always visually attracted. When they are browsing your website, most of the time, they rely on how they see it through their eyes. If they got attracted by the information you provide, they may be interested to find out more information about the product or services you are selling.


Technology changes daily. If your company website design is created many years back, your website mbe done it poorly, there are many things you may need to make changes, such as SEO, user experience, color tone and etc.

If your corporate website design did not follow the SEO guidelines, most probably, your website is hard to get rank in google, search engine. If your website is not listed TOp #10 in Google, most probably, you are not getting much sales.

Website Design Maintenance

A lot of time, business owner do not have the time to maintain their website or do not have enough human resources to update and manage their existing website design.

No worries, you can work closely with professional website design agency like us, we always around to help you fix any issue you need. has more than 10 years of experience in handling all type of web development project.

In order to make sure your business will get succeed, we are always there to provide the best solution with the best services to make sure you get success with your online business. is Professional Website Design Agency, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide services such as Website Design ServicesWeb DevelopmentEcommerce, SMS Blast Malaysia, Internet Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising Malaysia and etc. For more information, please visit our website or call us now +603 – 2280 6288.

How To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whether you have a Company Website Design or Online Ecommerce Store, you need to run online marketing in order to bring visitors to your website. Without doing anything, basically, your website is dead.

Are you always looking for ways to generate more traffic to your website? A lot of time business owners looking for ways to bring in more visitors, as higher visitor rate, also indicate higher sales.

Without any visitors to your website, generally, there are no sales.

Before proceeding to the guide, first of all, you need to make sure your company website design or your online e-commerce store need to provide a great experience to the user. It is important to understand how to create a successful website design before proceeding to do any internet marketing.

      So what is SEO? SEO is a continuing process in making your website get listed Top #10 in search engine ( / and etc).Let’s say you are selling used car in malaysia, when visitors type used car malaysia, your website got listed Top #10, aren’t this making you exicited?First of all, you need to know what is a keyword. A keyword is words or phrase visitor will type to search the product or services you are selling online. When the visitor is searching what you are selling, they are your potential customer.Most of the time, potential customer are a ready buyer, the chances they will buy your services are very high compared to other customers.
    2. Google Adwords
      If you have extra budget, spend a small amount of budget in online advertising with Google Adwords.You can decide your daily budget and your monthly budget. You also can decide the country or time you want to advertise.You can play around with different keywords to trigger your advertisement. You also can use negative keyword to hide your advertisement when visitor use negative keyword in search.
    3. Social Media Marketing
      By creating quality content and fancy images or creative infographic, you can share it via social media. This can attract another bunch of traffics from different social media channel.Via social media, you can build a group of user or community that has the same interest with what you offer. Selling items to the user who is interested in what you are selling are easier compared to selling to strangers.
    4. Quality Content
      Creating quality website content is very important nowadays. Without quality content, generally, is difficult to bring much traffic. Always remember, the content you create is for human to read, not for the sake of SEO only.
      When human is interested in the content you prepared, they will keep coming back.
    5. Images
      Our brain process with images much faster than text based content. If you able to put up different images in your website, you can attract readers to read more. Readers might not interested.
    6. Video
      If you have budget, create explainer video to promote your product or services you are offering. Video has higher engagement compare to images or text based content.

Tips in Making Your Online Ecommerce Store Success –

A lot of time, we face this question from clients, I have an online ecommerce store but I got no sales, WHY??

Are you just launched your ecommerce store and looking for ways to make your ecommerce store success?

Or you already have and existing ecommerce store but not sure how to make it better.

Yes, we are providing some tips and guides for you to follow and understand how to get started.

Full Article  Video

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Online Payment Gateway Malaysia Comparison Chart

payments_banner-egenz.comPayment Gateway is a service provider that can authorize your credit card and online banking payment to you. If you are planning to selling online, payment gateway is what you need in your website. There are few in the market. We have listed below to show the comparison.  Before making the decision which payment gateway you choose, there’s few question that you need to ask yourself.

Who is your target audience?

Your target audience will determine what type of currency you need. If you are targeting only Malaysian, make sure your payment gateway able to support Online Banking. So that your potential customer able to transfer the money to you via online banking such as Maybnk2u, Cimbclicks and etc

Is the Payment Gateway Company trustworthy?

Make sure you do your research to check the review of each Payment Gateway. We have listed 4 that is well known and trustworthy.

How fast you can collect the payment

This is very important. If the settlement takes many day, it means, your cash flow was being hold by them. If cash flow is important to you, please make sure you check how many days it takes for you to collect your payment.

Application Approval Time

Before you start developing your website, you should consider applying the Payment Gateway first. This is because some of the payment gateway will require many days for approval by the bank.


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