Why my bounce rate is so high?


Bounce rate is an internet marketing term that is mostly seen in Google Analytic.

This is primarily a percentage that shows you how many clients visited your site and left without clicking on anything.

It is crucial to know why you are having a high bouncing rate.

Always ensure you do not have a poorly designed website because this is the major cause of high bouncing rates.

Your website is not mobile friendly

Can you website be viewed via mobile?

Remember, over 80% of internet users access it through mobile.

If visitors cannot view the information they need via mobile, they will certainly leave your site.

High number of pop up

When visitors keep on getting many pop ups, they get annoyed and leave a website.

If your website has many pop ups, it will chase visitors promptly.

Complex navigation menu

Can visitors easily navigate through your website using your navigation menu?

Always have in mind that visitors will spend no more than three seconds when they first visit you website, make navigation easy.

Having an outdated design

A visually attractive website design will always attract visitors.

If your website is having a poor website design, it will make visitors feel as though your business doesn’t have a person to maintain it and they will leave.

If your website is beautifully designed, visitors will feel you are offering the best product or services, and they might make a few clicks.

Many advertisements

It is common for website owners to put up ads so as to earn from them.

If you put up too many ads, visitors will see nothing of value and they will leave.

Additionally, many pop up ads will also scare them away

Browser compatibility

Can your website be viewed from multiple browsers for example chrome, Firefox, opera, or safari without displaying any errors?

Make sure your website can be viewed from all browsers.

You can test cross browser compatibility of your website using the following links:




Web loading speed

Always get an excellent server. It is very important.

A cheap hosting company might be using outdated serves which can affect the loading speed of your website.

Clients will leave your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

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