What is a Keyword?

Most clients ask, what is a keyword?

What do you mean by the term keyword?

Does a keyword affect my website ranking in any way?

Essentially, a keyword is a word or phrase that a user types in the Google search box.

How does a keyword work?

Is your website ranked among the top 10 in Google with the correct keyword?

Step 1

Whenever an internet user is looking for something, they will type the phrases or words they are looking for.

Step 2

In case they find the description and the title they are looking for, they will visit the website.

Different types of keywords

There are 4 main user behaviors when browsing online. They determine whether one is doing research or planning to purchase a product online.

1. Research

  • This means that the user is doing some research.
  • Often, the user types brief generic keywords
  • Ordinarily, the keywords consist of 1-2 words or phrases.

2. Consideration

  • This means that a user is considering purchasing a product or service.
  • Here, users compare various products.
  • Usually, keywords consist of 2-3 words or phrases.

3. Purchase

  • Here, users are looking for something to buy.
  • They type long-tail keywords
  • Typically, keywords contain 3 or more words.

4. Loyalty

  • Here, users are looking for products from specific brands.
  • The keywords might be short because the users know what they are looking for.

Advantages of long tail keywords

Focusing on users at the purchase stage, there is a higher conversion as compared to generic keywords. Below is an example of keywords that can be used when searching for web design services.


  • Mostly, 1-2 words or phrases are used
  • Website design
  • Web design
  • Website developer


Users here use 2 or 3 words e.g.:

Web design agency web design firm

Website design firm


Here, users make use of long tail keywords:


Here, keywords used can be short:

  • Egenz
  • Egenz Ecommerce
  • Egenz web design

Finding Long tail Keyword

Method 1: Google related search

  1. Type the keyword you are looking for, e.g. ‘Custom make cake’
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at ‘searches related to custom make cake’
  3. Here, you will normally get words that are related to the keyword you are using.

Method 2: Forum Discussion Board

Whenever you visit a Forum Discussion Board, take note of questions that people ask, and the words they use to phrase their questions. These words will help you find your keyword.

Method 3: what are the questions normally asked by your client?

When you meet with your clients, what type of questions do they ask? The phrases or words your previous clients used while asking questions might form keywords you need to have a look at.

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